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Kasamba is one of the largest and most well-established psychic sites online. They’ve been in business since 1999, which brings a certain peace of mind when you use the site. Plus, they have a robust satisfaction guarantee, and an actual honest-to-god customer service team that works with customers if there is ever a problem. They also host what may be the largest number of internet psychics in one place that I am aware of, and most of them have been with the company for years, establishing a loyal customer base (with the reviews and ratings to prove it).

The site keeps a tally of the number of psychics available to chat live, which is usually at least a hundred or so, grouped conveniently by category so you can find what you’re after (an astrologer, a fortune teller, etc.), and you can search by price, specialty, ratings, and so forth. You can also reach psychics who are currently busy or offline via email message, and Kasamba provides an email inbox for registered users to keep track of their communications.

The psychics’ profiles offer info about their specialties, qualifications and background, and you can browse other users’ ratings and reviews, which I find essential. When I select a psychic, I want to know who I’m talking with and what they’re skilled at.

Kasamba psychics work via something they call “presto chat,” which is a messenger where you see your typing and the psychic’s typing at the very same time, so there’s no waiting for answers (which can cost a lot of money when you pay by the minute). On the other hand, talking over one another can be like an in-person conversation with a lot of interruptions if you don’t learn to wait your turn. You can also chat on the phone with many Kasamba psychics with a toll-free number, or email them, so there are a lot of options for communicating. And, with their mobile app, you can chat anywhere you want, which is pretty cool if you’re not at your computer all the time.

Kasamba offers their users a number of fun “extras” like weekly horoscopes you can sign up for, “weekend love scopes,” a yearly “love forecast,” a “psychic spotlight” Q&A, as well as a frequently updated blog, articles, and monthly newsletter. Via their social media, Facebook and Twitter, you can get frequent promotions like 20% off, etc., which is great if you use psychics often.