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  • Unique video interface
  • Interesting public chat that is free


Oranum is another big site that hosts multiple psychic advisors online. Their unique feature is video chat, which is both cool and a little intimidating! On the one hand, it is really awesome to connect so intimately with a psychic and be able to see them face-to-face. On the other, eek, I better make sure I have my makeup on!

Like many sites, there is an offer for a free chat, which is, as you might imagine, an introductory offer to get you started. You can start with the free public chat with lots of other users online, and then move to a private session with a psychic on your own to get more specific answers and individual attention.

In any case, it’s very reassuring to be able to video chat and feel like I have my psychic advisor’s full undivided attention, as well as know that they are who they say they are. They also have reviews you can look at and some basic profile information, though this can be a bit limited.

Fair warning: your connection is only as good as your, well, connection. If your internet is slow, your webcam isn’t working, or there’s some other sort of tech glitch, you may end up paying for a blank screen while you say, “hello? hello?” into the ether. (We’ve all had that experience on Skype, I’m sure.) But overall I enjoyed the novelty and intimacy of the face-to-face psychic chat.