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Padre Medium

For those seeking connection with angelic forces, “Padre” is a medium who specializes in channeling guardian angels to help you work through problems of all sorts. (Note, Padre does not claim to be a priest, just a man with a strong connection to angels.) He also employs astrology to do his readings.

You initially get a free reading, which felt slightly generic and the following email communication was on the aggressive side. I did want a more ‘personal’ bond with my own personal angel guardian, as I am definitely a believer in the power of guardian angels, which is something I think they could look to improve.

One very cool feature the site offers is a couple of not-too-expensive eBook ‘guides’ to angelic messengers, which may be worth your while if you want to learn more about this area of spirituality. And, there’s also a nice little blog if you want to read more about the power of prayer.