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Maria Medium

Another psychic who works through clairvoyance, tarot, and numerology, The Medium Maria offers her own version of a free trial offer. When you take her up on the offer, you’re asked to fill in a form including personal information like your birthdate name, and email address. Within 48 hours, you receive an email with your free reading. This was a little generic, but there was the option to get more detailed analysis for $129.00. You will also get a free monthly newsletter into the deal.

Note here also, that it may not always be Maria herself that will do your reading, as the site employs others to act on “the authority of Maria.”

One really great feature of The Medium Maria’s site that I got a lot out of was the blog area, which features fun and enlightening articles on topics from “oomancy” to the effects of the moon, and beyond.

The site also features an online “occult shop” where you can purchase slender, self-published books on topics from the magic of candles to auras, dreams, and so forth.