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  • Good customer service & satisfaction guarantee
  • Wide variety of advisors
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Keen is one of the largest, best-known, and most widely used spirituality sites offering psychic readings online. They’ve been around since 1999 and they’ve got a robust platform with great customer service and guarantees that inspire trust. Unlike a lot of sites, when you use Keen you can feel pretty confident that the people who run the site have vetted the psychic advisors and stand behind them, so if you ever have a bad experience (and I haven’t) you can not only get a refund, you may even get up to $25 “Keen Dollars” (which is money to spend on a reading with a different psychic reader). Their customer service is a lot better than some sites, so you don’t have to feel like you fell into a black hole when you try to get help.

Like many other sites, they offer a “Three Free Minute” trial, which helps you decide whether you like your psychic advisor before you make a commitment to spend money. It’s only available to new customers though, so use it wisely!

They host a TON of psychics on the site, and it’s easy to see the psychics’ ratings and reviews before you chat with them, which to me is all-important. I like to be sure that the person I’m talking to has reviews that came from real users before me, and with Keen a lot of the advisors have thousands of reviews, so clearly they aren’t made up!

You can choose from categories like “love and relationships,” “life questions,” and so forth, or by divination method (tarot cards, dream interpretation, etc.). The psychics all have profiles that help you get to know their specialties and backgrounds and give you insight into whether you think they’re right for you.

When you click to chat, you’re taken through an easy registration process, and your payment information is processed securely. You can choose how much money you want to add so as to stay within your budget (and with some top advisors charging up to $30/minute, you’ll want to be careful!). You can select a psychic by specialty, price, availability and so forth.

Most of the psychic chat is via phone. You also have the option to chat via messenger or via email with some advisors, though not all. The site hosts some free horoscopes, articles, and a basic blog too, so you can poke around and get some fun freebies along with your paid reading. They even have a mobile app too, so you can chat on the go instead of having to be at your computer, and it keeps track of your recently contacted advisors too, which is handy.

Overall, my feeling is that Keen is one of the most versatile and reputable places to get a psychic reading online.