What to Expect From Your Psychic Reading

Posted: December 1st, 2021

Depending on which online psychic reader and psychic website platform you choose, you may have very different experiences. You may want to jump in to an online chat with a psychic and get answers instantly (after all, at a dollar or more a minute, who can blame you), or you may want to develop a relationship with a psychic medium you can come back to for advice on an ongoing basis, whether via email, chat, or on the phone. Any way you do it, you’re likely to have an eye-opening experience.

So, what can you expect?

If you choose to engage your psychic reader online via chat, generally a window will open and you’ll be connected with an advisor instantly, and you can speak with them just as you would any other friend via messenger. The important thing here is to engage in a dialogue that allows your reader to get a vibe from you, and for you to trust them with your questions. They’ll ask how they can help you, and often request certain information (never offer up bank account or other personal info directly!) to assist them in their reading. A good reader will be able to not only home in on the answers to your questions, but treat you with empathy and compassion as you seek advice. It’s important to feel heard and understood, so don’t hesitate to shop around if you don’t feel a good connection.

Via phone, readings are more personal and immediate, though less anonymous and sometimes less convenient if you’re in a public place or don’t have time for a long chat. It’s a good way to form an intimate bond with a psychic reader as well as develop trust.

Email can be a useful tool when you’re looking for an astrologer to complete a star chart for you, or any other type of business that takes a while.

Your psychic advisor may employ a tarot card spread to help them answer your questions, or an astrological chart, I-ching, or many other divination tools, depending on their specialty. (See my article on types of psychic readings.) Usually they’ll specify in their bio what they use, and you can always ask for a certain type of reading you personally prefer.

If the psychic is the real deal, you should come away from your experience knowing a great deal more about what’s ahead for you, and clear in your mind about what you are going to do to face it. You’ll know more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and about the person you’ve been seeking guidance about. Of course they can’t answer everything. No one can. And there are a lot of people who claim to have psychic gifts who are just after your money. The point of this is to gain clarity, reassurance, and resolution. Knowledge is power after all!

My name is Melody Cleary and over the past decade, I've personally consulted with literally dozens of psychics. Some were amateurs who told me what they thought I wanted to hear, while others genuinely possessed that special ability to transform my life. Because of my positive experiences, I wanted to share my list of top psychic networks with you so you can avoid the headache and financial loss of being scammed.

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