What Kinds of Psychic Readings Can I Choose From?

Posted: December 5th, 2021

There are a plethora of psychic services available, but they’re by no means interchangeable. Each gift is different, and though many can be used to answer the same questions, they all arrive by different paths, and some can be more effective to answer certain questions than others.

For instance, if you’re looking to reconnect with a lost love, you may wish to consult a soul mate specialist or other psychic medium. These types of psychics are also excellent at answering questions about past lives. Not everyone has the gift for channeling spirits from the other side, but those who do can see into your history with a deceased loved one, sometimes even into past lives.

You might want to see a numerologist if your questions relate to your life path, purpose, power numbers, or karma. Practitioners of this ancient art study the secrets contained in birthdates, names, even tarot cards to determine your inner strengths and weaknesses. If you’re seeking insight about yourself or someone you love, this can be a great way to find it.

Tarot card readers are those who have studied the 78 cards of the major and minor arcana, and can “throw tarot” or divine answers using “spreads” (Typically 10 as in a Celtic Cross, but often 3 and even 7 or 9 depending on the question type or reader’s preference). This is properly known as cartomancy, and it is very popular and often fascinating to explore, especially in questions of love or destiny.

Some psychic readers are clairvoyant (can see events from the past, future, or at a distance, clairsentient (can feel them), or clairaudient (can hear them). This, in a broad sense, can encompass many of our most pressing questions. Your reader may be able to see into your mind, or capture information that has yet to happen, and help you know what your future holds. I like to consult a psychic reader online when I just need someone to get a vibe about what’s going to happen in the near future.

Some spiritual advisors practice I-ching, which is an ancient Chinese method of divination using sticks or coins that can help you look into your past, present, and future to determine the path you should take. With thousands of years of philosophy behind it, I find I-ching most useful for looking inward to better understand my own character and how my behavior may influence my destiny.

And of course, there’s astrology. If you want to know if you and your lover are compatible, a star chart using your birthdates, places, and times can be a terrific tool. Want to know whether Mercury Retrograde is going to affect you? Or what your chances of meeting Mr. Right are? Or just find out what’s in store for the week ahead? Those are some of the most common questions astrology is used to answer, but an experienced online astrologer can create a detailed chart for you covering practically any topic under (or above!) the sun. Learning about your zodiac signs, rising signs and planetary rulers can be really amazing and informative.

These are just a few of the many types of spiritual guidance available to you as a seeker. From crystal ball readings to aura readings to casting runes, there are many others to explore. It can be fun to “test drive” different types and see which feels accurate and applicable to your current situation. Have fun!

My name is Melody Cleary and over the past decade, I've personally consulted with literally dozens of psychics. Some were amateurs who told me what they thought I wanted to hear, while others genuinely possessed that special ability to transform my life. Because of my positive experiences, I wanted to share my list of top psychic networks with you so you can avoid the headache and financial loss of being scammed.

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