How to Get the Most Out of Your Psychic Reading

Posted: September 16th, 2021

People who seek spiritual advice tend to have big questions. Whether it’s about a relationship, your health, a financial situation, or a job you really want, when you consult with a psychic, the answers are important. Therefore, it’s equally important to do your homework to have a successful experience.

Choose your psychic wisely: A little research goes a long way. Before you connect, take the time to read reviews (such as the ones on our site) of spiritual advisors and the websites that host them. Oftentimes the psychic you’ve chosen will have an online profile with ratings and reviews. Read them carefully. Have others given them a five-star review? Written testimonials? It’s okay to shop around. If the advisor offers a free trial option, that can be a great way to see if there’s a psychic connection without committing in advance.

Decide what sort of reading you want: Would an astrologer suit your needs best, or maybe a numerologist? Would a tarot reading answer your burning question, or do you want someone who can channel spirit guides to put you on the right path? There are many types of spiritual advisors online, and each has their own specialty, background and education. Take some time to inform yourself about the options and be sure you’re taking advantage of the right type of reading to suit your question. (See our article on types of spiritual advisors to help you choose.)

Come prepared: A lot of online psychics charge by the minute, so to save yourself money, write all of your questions down ahead of time. Know exactly what you’re going to ask, and if for instance you’re asking for an astrological chart, have birth dates, times, and birthplaces of all the parties involved ready for your reader to work with.

Focus your energies/emotions: Before you take the plunge, take a moment to meditate a little before you open a dialog with your psychic reader. Bring your questions to mind, then invite a spirit of openness and inquiry to settle over your heart. Not only will you feel calm and receptive, this will help your spiritual advisor connect with you on a psychic level.

Be specific: Want to know if a certain something will occur on a certain date? Let your reader know, so they can home in on the event with more clarity. If you ask a vague question like, “Is he coming back?” you may get an answer that could be true in a year, a decade… or be about the wrong “him”!

But not too specific: Yes, it’s good to narrow things down for your reader, but there are times when providing too much information can make it easier for scam artists who aren’t really gifted to tell you what you want to hear. A good psychic reader should be able to prove him or herself by bringing up details that you haven’t unintentionally clued them in on by saying too much. Let them show you they have the right stuff!

Keep to a budget: It’s easy to wind up spending way more than you intended to when talking to a psychic advisor. Many sites are set up to encourage you to spend unlimited funds, and per-minute costs can rack up fast. If possible, pick a site that allows you to add a set amount to your chat account, and don’t go above what you’d planned to spend. Remember, it’s no good asking for lucky numbers if you don’t have the cash left to play the lotto! Also, beware of hidden costs or psychics who ask you for more and more money to lift curses, bestow blessings, etc. A reputable advisor should never push you beyond your comfort zone.

A psychic reading should leave you with a sense of peace, resolution, and hope for the future. I hope these pointers help guide you to have the best possible experience!

My name is Melody Cleary and over the past decade, I've personally consulted with literally dozens of psychics. Some were amateurs who told me what they thought I wanted to hear, while others genuinely possessed that special ability to transform my life. Because of my positive experiences, I wanted to share my list of top psychic networks with you so you can avoid the headache and financial loss of being scammed.

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